Tour Questions for Students

Student Questions asked on my tours

(T) = TEKS/TAKS related

Q: At the how is a bat made exhibit…….” What are these two shapes that the lumber takes before it becomes a real bat?

A: First a rectangular prism and then a cylinder (T)

Q: What is the name of the polygon that is shaped like home plate?

A: pentagon  (T)

Q: How fast is C.J. Wilson’s 94 mph fastball traveling in feet per second?

A: 138 feet per second

Q: How far is it from the pitcher’s mound to the batter?

A: 60 feet 6 inches.

Q: So, how long does it take for C.J.’s fastball to get there?

A: Less than half a second………….everybody snap their Finger to show what a half second is.          (T)

Q: Is baseball only for boys?

A:  no…………at the Women in Baseball exhibit

Q: Do you know why the Honus Wagner baseball card is so valuable?

A:  It is because he knew it was bad to smoke cigarettes.

Q: Do you all know it’s bad to smoke cigarettes?

A: Yes

Q: Do you know how fast Cool Papa Bell was?

Answers vary depending on the age, but all three answers usually result in wide eyes

A: If you were a newspaper reporter, what question would you ask Michael Young?

Answers very, but the most frequent is, are you nervous before the game?  Second most is how do you feel after hitting a home run?

Q: In the batting cages room, there are three logos depicting the three years when the Rangers won their division.

If the students are young, the question is what are the three years?

A: 1996, 1997, 1999

Q: What will be the next year they win?

A: 2009

Q: How do you spell Suite?   Not the chocolate type of Sweet, but the one here named after Joe DiMaggio?   (T)

Q: How far is it around the bases, if it is 90 feet from home to first and each distance between bases is the same?

A: 360 feet   (T)

Q: Looking at the team picture of the 1955 World Champions? How many years after Jackie Robinson started playing did his Dodgers win the World series? (T)  How many more African Americans were on this team?  What does integrated mean?  (T)

Other Questions:

  • At the Billy Hoy exhibit, what do these umpire hand signs mean?
  • How do you figure out Batting Average? (T)
  • How do you figure out ERA? (T)
  • What does the V stand for in MVP?   What does Valuable mean?
  • Who can tell me one of the rules in playing baseball?
  • What are the positions?
  • Why do players put on a batting helmet?  Are there ear flaps on both sides?
  • What is that big netted screen behind home plate and in front of where the fans sit for?
  • Why do you never put your fingers inside a batting cage net?
  • Lou Gehrig played for 14 years without missing a single game. How many people have not missed a singe day of school this year?
  • Where will you be in 14 years? (Answer should be: College)
  • Looking a the USA map, How many states have at least two Major League teams?
  • Who can tell me the names of the Major league teams that have flags on top of the Ballpark.  Do you know that someone climbs all the way up there on game day and arranges them to be in order of first place, second place etc.