Reasons to save the Museum

  • Over 20,000  students have visited the Legends Museum so far this year.  We advance TAKS learning and help create an enthusiastic future fan base.
  • An agreement was made when the Arlington citizens voted for a referendum to finance the Ballpark which called for Arlington students to visit the Legends Museum for free. Since the Legend’s opening, 70,000 AISD students have taken advantage of this. This translates to a value savings of $400k for the AISD
  • Over 1 million local, national and international visitors have taken a tour here.  We are the second largest Baseball Museum in the America, trailing only Cooperstown Hall of Fame.  Baseball needs and enjoys its history like no other sport.
  • Contrary to misinformation being spread, we do make money.  The projection for 2010 has us making a significant amount more.  This is because, like all other companies, we are improving processes and cutting back costs.  We challenge the Hicks financial people to show they can turn the Legends museum into a more profitable events-only venue.  We are already a great place to hold events. ( e.g. Wedding receptions, Birthday parties, Corporate meetings in our auditorium, youngster story hours, chaperoned sleep-overs in our Learning Center and game day hot dog & brew fests )
  • Having just said that, we are a museum, and museums are not supposed to be greedy cash cows.  Being the second largest Baseball Historical Museum, we have a responsibility to maintain, preserve and grow the understanding of an important part of our Nation’s culture and heritage.  Financial owners come and go, but our National Pastime’s history must be defended.